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Blood glucose meter

Blood Glucose meters

If you have any questions about our products for the treatment of diabetes, feel free to contact us by telephone or email. We will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.


Flynther is the distributor of VivaChek blood glucose meters and test strips in the Benelux, we have been working with VivaChek since 2015. VivaChek Laboratories was established in Wilmington, Delaware, USA in June 2013 with its primary function to serve the International market. Since then, it becomes a reliable manufacturer of POCT (point-of-caring testing) products and blood glucose monitoring systems with partners in over 80 countries worldwide. VivaChek Laboratories has launched VivaChek™ Ino and VivaChek™ Ino Smart Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems in the international and Chinese markets, more than hundreds of million accurate glucose tests have been delivered worldwide, helping people with diabetes to live a healthier life.

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VivaChek Ino blood glucose monitoring system

The VivaChek blood glucose meters benefit from advanced technology with 8 electrodes per strip to give your patient reliable results over the widest ranges of hematocrit, humidity, and operating temperatures. The automatic control solution recognition means that your patient's blood glucose measurements cannot be confused with control readings.

In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 users said that the VivaChek Ino blood glucose meter was very easy to use.

The GlucoWell App for iPhone, iPad, and Android allows your patients to record their blood glucose readings, diet, and lifestyle, which can be emailed or downloaded for your review.

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VivaChek Ino Test Strips

Each pack of VivaChek Ino test strips contains 2 sealed vials containing 25 test strips each. The vial is stable until the expiry date printed on the label or 6 months after opening, whichever is soonest. Test strips are available on prescription.

VivaChek Lancets

Each pack of VivaChek lancets contains 100 sterile, CE-marked disposable lancets. These lancets fit the most common types of lancing devices and are also available on prescription.

A complete range of products for the treatment of diabetes

The range includes products such as pen needles, lancets, and strips. For the needles and lancets, we also offer safety products. These products ensure that healthcare workers are protected against needle stick injuries. Since 2012 healthcare workers are obliged by European and local law to work with safety materials. This, in order to protect healthcare workers against needles stick injuries.

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