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Unifine Pentips

Unifine® Pentips® is a range of pen needles developed for a comfortable injection experience. The Unifine pentips is designed to deliver improved comfort by focusing on four areas:

  • Precision sharpened needle tips
  • Thin wall technology, to improve drug flow
  • Anti-coring treatment, to reduce the chance of blockage
  • Advanced silicone lubrication

Unifine Pentips is available in the following needle lengths and gauges; 4mm 32G and 33G, 5mm 30G and 31G, 6mm 31G, 8mm 31G, and 12mm 29G – and is compatible with all major diabetes medication pens. Needles are double sealed for complete protection during fitting.

The benefits

  • Designed for a comfortable injection experience
  • Low glide forces as the needle pass through the skin smoothly
  • Extensive range of needle lengths and gauges suitable for all types of patients
Pennaald bestellen?

How many times can a pen needle be used?

It is wise to use a pen needle only one time. Once you have pricked yourself or the patient, the needle will become less sharp, and the silicone lubrication will be affected. As a result, the next time the needle is used, the prick will be more sensitive and the risk of wounds will increase.

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Flynther: thé wholesaler for medical devices

Flynther Medical was established in 2012 and is based in the Netherlands. Flynther works together with manufacturers all over the world. With our long-term vision, we invest in the relationships with our suppliers and our customers. Our objective is to supply high quality medical disposables for the best possible price. We have a limited product range, therefore we have extensive knowledge of all our product groups. By specializing we can use our experience and knowledge to help our clients make the best choices. We only work directly with the manufacturers to keep prices competitive. We have a large warehouse and keep stock of all our products. Currently, we supply products throughout Europe and beyond.

Flynther is the sole distributor of Owen Mumford products in the Benelux. Bringing together world-class research, design expertise and engineering excellence to create products that improve lives and reduce healthcare costs.

Contact Flynther

If you have any questions about Flynther or the Unifine Pentips, feel free to contact us by telephone or email. We will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us for more information info@flynther.nl

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